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Paternal Y-SNP Type R1b ~ R-S1194 > R-CTS4528 > R-Y22442 > R-S1205 > R-S1190 +/-
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Private Project - for those with matching, Paternal (male) Y-SNP Type (Downstream) of..... R1b ~ R-S1194 >R-CTS4528 > R-Y22442 > R-S1205 > R-S1190 > & Related, Allied Family Members. If you have close STR matches with other BALLARD project members, we can examine your results and recommend further testing, "BIGY 700" testing, will usually be the solution. For the present, other Ballard "male y DNA" lines unrelated, are welcome to join this project to help establish separate y SNP DNA, lines, Ideally if I can collect three BIGY700 testers for each separate Ballard branch/ y DNA line, I can compare these testers and their match names with my extensive Ballard pre-surname study data, hopefully discovering the separated historical origins of each line, therefore ruling them out as my ancesters. including BALLARD or name variants - Balard, Ballar, Ballard, Ballardie, Ballardine, Ballardy, Ballart, Baller, Ballord, Beler, Beli-Hardd, Belihard, Bellard, Bellardi, Bellardie, Beller, Beluard, Belward, Bilard, Billard, Billiard, Bolhard, Bollard, Bollardt, Bollart, Bollaerts, Bolhard, Bosc-Le-Hard, Boscroard, + plus a myriad of many others including NPE's