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Baird Y-DNA Project

Isaac Baird, Administrator - Bruce Baird, Co-Admin - Mike Baird, Co-Admin
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About us

'Baird and Beard Families,' by Fermine Baird Catchings, 1918 identified many Scotch Baird families, English Beard families, and Scotch-Irish Baird, Beard and Bard families who lived in America. Since the publication of her book, additional Baird and Beard families living both in America and other parts of the world have been identified and some connections between these families have been established.

The purpose of this project is to scientifically connect families sharing the surname Baird, Beard, and other spelling variants using Y-chromosome microsatellite data. The connections will be based on commonality of haplogroups and their associated haplotypes. Whereas the study will not positively identify your missing Baird or Beard ancestors, it will ultimately provide you with information regarding where you should and should not be searching for them.