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Ayling & Aylwin Surname

Ayling and Aylwin
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About us

This site is set up for men with the surname AYLING* and AYLWIN, using YDNA to trace the origins of the surname.

Variations of the Ayling name can include AYLYNG (oldest version), AILING, AYELING, AYLIN, AYLEN, and AILIN. The name mostly settles out to AYLING by the mid 1750's. The name is probably a derivation of Hayling, from Hayling Island in South Hampshire, England. The family groups seem to spread out in a fan pattern from Hayling Island north into Hampshire and northwest into West Sussex when tracing parish records over time. There is some evidence of smaller groups in East Sussex and Kent. Aylwin has variations including Aylwyn, Alwin, Alwyne. It appears to be an older surname, given that a subtenant named "Alwin" is mentioned in some West Sussex properties in the Domesday Book of 1086, which implies this surname may have been from "aristocratic" Anglo-Saxon lines.

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*AYLING can be interchangeable with the surname AYLWIN in early records. In the earliest records, Ayling and Aylwin families are living side by side in many West Sussex and Hampshire, England parishes, but AYLING eventually predominates, especially in Sussex. In some cases it appears Aylwin families changed their surname to Ayling for some unknown reason. Sometimes it is clearly a transcription error in the parish records (during a time when most were illiterate and the parish clerk or government official is recording what he heard). Finally, it is possible that the AYLING name started with Aylwin families living on Hayling Island. During the 1000 to 1300 period Hayling Island underwent significant erosion, such that we can assume many families left and moved up into Hampshire and Sussex. Perhaps some member of Aylwin families left and when they were asked for a surname in the 1200's they said something like "I am John Aylwin of Hayling" and the two names blended together to produce "Ayling" over time.