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About us

We have many cousins to thank for bringing us to this historic moment in time. For many years some of our faithful cousins spent time in the musty back rooms of old court houses. They sweltered in the heat of the day in cemeteries copying information from headstones, and taking photographs.

Other cousins embraced the awesome task of serving as authors, editors, and publishers of detailed genealogical and historical books pertaining to our family. For those monumental pages to come to fruition, many other cousins eagerly submitted pedigree charts, family group sheets, wills, land deeds, and cherished family stories. In 1986, the Autry Family Association was created and for the next ten years published a genealogical and historical quarterly magazine.

Then, with the advent of the Internet, profound advances in technology opened the way for our family websites to emerge, as more and more of our cousins began to sense a yearning to know of their unique heritage.

You are a part of this historic moment in time in the span of the Autry Family epic. The Autry DNA Project stands as a portal to information sought for decades.

Now, you have the opportunity to know more about who you really are and the grand extended family to which you belong. As you become a part of our Autry DNA Project you will have seized the opportunity to take your place in the history of our family. We welcome you, cousin. Take another moment and join us now.