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Welcome to Australian Adoption. A place where Adoptees and Parents who have lost each other to adoption in Australia can connect. You can determine if your father / mother is not your biological Parent, if that person’s DNA is not accessible, by comparing your own DNA to that of your parent’s siblings or a cousin. DNA testing gives the Adoptee, Parents and lost Siblings a new key to open those locked doors of the past and return to all family members their true identity. Parents, by putting your DNA on file you give your child a very special tool that will make it possible for them to connect to you. FamilyTreedna is the testing company that gives you the best chance to find relevant information because it has the largest Y-DNA and mtDNA databases in the world. The following is a summary of the different types of testing available. mtFullSequence • For both men and women. • Highest level mtDNA test. • Tests both HVR1 and HVR2 (Hypervariable Regions 1 and 2) and the coding region This is all of the mtDNA. • Provides most recent ancestral origins.* • Includes HVR1, HVR1+HVR2, and FMS matches. • FMS matches are related within the past 16 generations.** • Recommended for confirming a relationship on the direct maternal line. Y-DNA37 • For men only. • Recommended level of Y-DNA tests. • 37-marker matches are highly likely to be related within the past 8 generations.* • Provides genealogically relevant matches and recent ancestral origins. • Recommended for confirming a genealogical relationship with another male. • Provides your Haplogroup: deep ancestral origin of the paternal line. Family Finder • For men or women. • Autosomal DNA test. • Matches are related within about the last 5 generations.* • Provides percentages of your ancestral make-up (Native- American, Middle Eastern (including Jewish), African, West and East European)** • Recommended for genealogists. • Includes matches with predicted relationship ranges. • Great for confirming close relationships regardless of gender. * With the largest DNA database in the world, you have the greatest chance of finding close relatives. However, if your line is rare it’s possible you will not have matches or ancestral origins information right away. As Familytreedna database is constantly growing, you may have matches over time.