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R1a-Y2619 (AB-067) Ashkenazi Levites

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About us

The project intends to group Ashkenazi males who share YDNA variation R-Y2619, The Y2619 variation is one of over 600 YDNA lineages found among Jewish populations worldwide. Only 15 percent of these lineages are found today among Ashkenazim. The R-Y2619 genetic variation is found among ~50 percent of those Ashkenazi males who claim a tradition of Levitic descent. The variation arose ~2,900 years ago and appears to have been present in a male who joined the Ashkenazi population at the time of its founding roughly 700 AD in France. The variation has not been found among the Jewish non-Ashkenazi populations tested worldwide. Hence its presence in the Jewish population before that date cannot yet be confirmed. Its most closely related lineages date to the Late Bronze Age and are found at present in Iran and Armenia. For further discussion of the subject, visit Jeff Wexler’s excellent site at For an academic paper by Dr. Doron Behar describing a comprehensive genetic study of the lineage, visit For statistical analysis of STR results, visit For a representation of the R-Y2619 genetic tree, visit