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Armenian DNA Project

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About us

Open to all Armenians with direct paternal ancestors (yDNA) or direct maternal ancestors (mtDNA) of Armenian ancestry.

DNA testing can be a valuable tool for people with different surnames in determining whether they are genetic cousins, particularly considering the destruction of many Armenian genealogical records and the fact Armenian surnames were often based on the father’s first name, his city of birth, his occupation, or a distinctive human characteristic.

By reaching thousands of years into the past, this project also aims to find genetic traces of both the ancient peoples whose descendants make up the current Armenian population (Armens, Colchians, Hattians, Hayasa, Hayk, Hittites, Hurrians, Kaskians, Luwians, Mitanni, Mushkis, Pala, Phrygians, Urartians, etc.) and the ancient invaders who conquered or passed through the Armenian lands (Assyrians, Gamrik-Gimirri-Cimmerians, Greeks, Parthians, Romans, Scythians, Macedonians, Medes, Persians, etc.)

This project has two complementary sets of goals:

(1) Understand the genetic makeup and deep genetic history of the Armenian people. In the process, we hope to make sense of the historical impact of population migrations, invasions and expansions.

(2) Provide a tool for genealogists to trace their recent Armenian ancestors, augmenting historical documentation (primarily from countries of the diaspora - ship lists, censuses, naturalization records, vital records, etc.) and oral traditions. Descendants of known diaspora Armenians who were scattered all over the world in the past centuries might rediscover their roots. Descendants of Genocide orphans may be able to find long lost relatives. Descendants of Armenians families which became separated during and after WWI can have a way of finding each other at long last.