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Ards Peninsula Project

Ards Peninsula Families DNA Project
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About us

The Ards Peninsula is a section of County Down, Northern Ireland, that is bounded on the north by Belfast Lough, the west by Strangford Lough, and on the east by the Irish Sea.

Civil Parishes include: Bangor, Newtownards, Donaghadee, Grey Abbey, Ballywalter, Inishargy, Ballyhalbert, Ardkeen, Ardquin, Castleboy, Slanes, Ballytrustan, Ballyphillip Townlands and Villages include: Ardkeen, Ardgeehan, Ardmillan, Ballyadam, Ballyalicock, Ballyatwood, Ballyboley, Ballyblack, Ballyblack Little, Ballyboghilbo, Ballybranigan, Ballybryan, Ballybuttle, Ballycam, Ballycastle, Ballycopeland, Ballycranbeg, Ballycramore, Ballycroghan, Ballycross, Ballycruise, Ballydoonan, Ballyedock, Ballyesborough, Ballyewry, Ballyferis, Ballyfinragh, Ballyfotherly, Ballyfounder, Ballyfrench, Ballyfrenis, Balliggan, Ballygalet, Ballygarvan, Ballygarvigan, Ballygelagh, Ballygraffin, Ballygrainey, Ballygrangee, Ballyhaft, Ballyhalbert, Ballyharry, Ballyhaskin, Ballyhay, Ballyhemlin, Ballyhenny, Ballyhenry, Ballyherley, Ballyholme, Ballymacnamee, Ballyobegan, Ballylimp, Balloo Lower, Ballymaconnell, Ballymacormick, Ballymagee, Ballymarter, Ballyminnis, Ballymintragh, Ballymoney, Ballymurphy, Ballynester, Ballynichol, Ballynoe, Ballyphilip, Ballyquintan, Ballyrawer, Ballyreagh, Ballyree, Ballyridley, Ballyrolly, Ballyrusley, Ballyspurge, Ballytrustan, Ballywadden, Ballywallon, Ballywalter, Ballyward, Ballywater, Ballywatticock, Ballyweird, Ballywhiskin, Ballywhite, Ballywhollart, Ballywilliam, Ballyvester, Bangor, Blackabbey, Bootown, Broom Quarter, Cardy, Carney Hill, Carrowdore, Carryreagh, Carrstown, Castleboy, Cloghy, Cookstown, Corrog, Cotton, Craigarodden, Craigboy, Cronstown, Crossnamuckley, Cunningburn, Demesne, Derry, Donaghadee, Drumardin, Drumardin Quarter, Drumawhy, Drumfad, Drumhirk, Dunelvy, Dunover, Echlinville, Fishquarter, Ganaway, Glastry, Gordonall, Granagh, Grangee, Gransha, Gregstown, Greyabbey, Groomsport, Herdstown, Hoggstown, Inishargy, Island Hill, Kearney, Keentagh, Killaghy, Killydressy, Killyvdgan, Kircubbin, Kirkistown, Knockinelder, Lisbane, LoughdooMarlfield, Loughriscouse, Miller Hill, Millisle, Mount Stewart, Movilla, Newcastle, Nunsquarter, Orlock, Parson Hall, Portavoe, Portavogie, Portaferry, Priesttown, Rattallagh, Roddans, Rosemount, Rowreagh, Rubane, Slanes, Sloanstown, Springvale, Tara, Templepatrick, Thomastown, Tievshilly, Town Parks, Tullyboard, Tullycarnan, Tullycross, Tullykevin, Tullymally, Tullynacrew, Tullytramon, Warren and Whitechurch

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We wish to include all families from the Ards Peninsula. If you know of an Ards Peninsula family whose surname has not been listed, please contact the group administrator, and we will include that surname in the list of eligible surnames.