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At the present time, roughly half of the Andrews DNA Project participants match other Andrews DNA Project members. These matches are categorized into subgroups of related persons on the Y-Results page. The project aims to help place an Andrews of "unknown" ancestry into one of the known Andrews lines. The advantage of genetic genealogy is that this simple test saves hundreds of hours and considerable cost chasing false leads and paper trails. A match to another Andrews, Andrus, etc. who has the same genetic code has the potential to assist in finding cousins around the world, many of whom have researched the family line and can aid in piecing together a correct, verifiable lineage. More matches will be made as the number of participants increases.

The Andrews DNA Project has successfully identified over twenty distinct genetic families, each of whom use the Andrews surname.

It is important to emphasize, that for valid results, the person taking the Y-DNA test must be a male born with the Andrews surname.