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Ahmed  Sari Ahmed Sari
April 26 @ 5:38am
Hi every one . FTDNA defined my haplogroup as I-A1221 and my ancestry grandfather came from Izmir from Turkey around 500 years ago during Ottoman Empire and settled in Libya and our surname name is (Sari) is there any surnames now in Izmir I am looking for close distance matches. . My kit number is IN 80893. I would be grateful for any help or advice!
Onur Dincer
April 30 @ 4:18pm
Hi. The modern surnames in Turkey did not exist 500 years ago as Muslim citizens of Turkey were given those surnames with the surname law of 1934. Before 1934 there were no official surnames for Muslims in Turkey (and in the Ottoman Empire before that) and they used only unofficial surnames that were never officially registered anywhere and that were largely different from the official surnames that would be given by the Turkish Republic authorities in 1934. So if you have a surname from about 500 years ago, that must be unofficial only, hence there is no way of finding it in the official records of the Ottoman Empire or any other state. As for your Y-DNA haplogroup, it points to a very recent (within the last 1500 years) Balkan or nearby Eastern European ancestry for your direct paternal ancestor: (I-Y12341 is just another name for I-A1221). So if your earliest known direct paternal ancestor was a Turk, he should be from a Turkified/Islamized native Balkan or Eastern European lineage.
Irfan Kilic Irfan Kilic
March 29 @ 7:40pm
George Al-Nemnom/Nemnoum
March 30 @ 9:35am
Irfan upload FTDNA autosomal raw data to;this an invitation for everyone here and similar projects. Amongst their clusters:North Turkey,South Turkey,South Caucasus. Where are you from?
Irfan Kilic
April 1 @ 12:45pm
Hello George, thank you for your advice. İ was born in France but my parents are from Çorum province in Turkey. İ know that it's considered to belong to the Black Sea region although it's located about 200 km away from the coast. The region is also famous for his vestiges which date from the Hittite period. And you where are you from ?
George  Al-Nemnom/Nemnoum George Al-Nemnom/Nemnoum
February 24 @ 9:16am
Hi,my Living DNA ''Recent Ancestry''
George Al-Nemnom/Nemnoum
March 20 @ 7:11pm
Onur I already saw it. Are they extending West Middle East to include a cluster called Mesopotamia and Anatolia?
Onur Dincer
March 20 @ 11:08pm
George, unfortunately I do not know the genetic clusters of myOrigins 3.0 yet, we will see when they are introduced to the general public or at least the project admins.
George Al-Nemnom/Nemnoum
March 21 @ 7:17am
Onur.what I said about a cluster called Mesopotamia and Anatolia is present on the blog link you sent me..
Onur Dincer
March 21 @ 11:21am
Thanks for pointing to that cluster, George. We will soon learn what exactly it is along with the other myOrigins 3.0 clusters when myOrigins 3.0 is launched.
Nemo Svensson Nemo Svensson
March 19 @ 4:29pm
How can I search/find out my ancient origins from 500 bc to 700 ad?
Onur Dincer
March 20 @ 5:21am
Nemo, if you are referring to autosomal origins instead of Y-DNA origins, for such old periods it is more meaningful and feasible to search the genetic origins of the population or populations you belong to rather than your genetic origins as a single individual. But for your individual Y-DNA you can go back many thousands of years through NGS Y-DNA tests such as Big-Y since Y-DNA does not undergo genetic recombination and is inherited from father to son almost unchanged. The same is the case with mtDNA except that it is inherited from mother to child rather than from father to son.
Has Ali Has Ali
February 20 @ 1:38pm
Hi, i just received my SNP test (Meskhetian Turk). My final haplogroup is now J-M172 >>>J-BY54002. Maybe i will do a big-y in the future so i can be listed in yfull.
Naim    Bellani (Berisha) Naim Bellani (Berisha) has a question!
September 20, 2018 @ 12:19am
Hej jag har Y dna EM 35 V13 L241 får en match på en person på A7065 är från länge sedan nästan 1000år från Ett område som tillhörde Norra Kosova Toplica ett gammalt stam kan man säga någon som vet något mer den grupp A7065 shared med andra albanska stammar
Necati Pakalınlı
October 11, 2018 @ 2:10pm
E-L241 is a typical Balkan sub-branch of E-V13. E-A7065 might be one of the frequent E-L241 sub-branches in your specific region, but for details on this topic I’d advise you to consult the admins of the E-M35 project.
Naim Bellani (Berisha)
October 14, 2018 @ 4:26pm
Hi thanks for your reply I will write to those on EM35 Grup projects but they will certainly refer to V13 .man gets different message that one is ..A7065 ..this other grup project says no it is. You may not em35 can help me you may have thanks
Hulon Sain c/o LARA
December 10, 2018 @ 4:12pm
My uncle is E-M35 (predicted V-13) that's why I joined this group! I read that most recent migration came from Balkans & that a good amount of people today there have this Y haplogroup
Isa mehmeti
February 17 @ 12:12am
I am E-V13 albanian from kosova Dardania.
Spartak Dzanaiti Spartak Dzanaiti
February 6 @ 1:18pm
In this article, I touch upon the sub-ethnonym of a part of the central Ossetians NAR-NARON and the link with the ancient NART, the Indo-European etymology of NAR and DNA, the results of this locality. As well as the reconstructed faces of the inhabitants of this area in the 8-9 centuries of our era. And also their life expectancy.
James Djurakov James Djurakov
November 25 @ 11:44am
Anyone know "Batu Khan's" Haplogroup?
Hulon Sain c/o LARA
January 31 @ 12:49pm "Numerous scientists have created their own theories about the Y-chromosomal haplogroup (and therefore patrilineal ancestry) of Genghis Khan. The proposed candidates include haplogroup C2, haplogroup C3, haplogroup Q, and haplogroup R1b"
Onur Dincer
February 3 @ 3:14am
Haplogroup C2 and haplogroup C3 are one and the same thing, it was previously called C3, but is now called C2.
James Djurakov James Djurakov has a question!
October 23 @ 11:10am
Hello all :)..... Has anyone found a relation to Batu Khan who conquered the Balkans? I might fit into the same group. Thank you in advance.....James Djurakov
James Djurakov
October 24 @ 7:12am
Archaeological evidence is something I am hoping to find, in connection with anyone here. With regard to the Tatars and the Mongols an excerpt: "Are the Tatars and the Mongols the same? The real name is Tatars. They were basically Turkic peoples, ethnically distinct from Mongols, and living more westwards in Central Asia. ... All Tatar groups became Muslim at the time of the Golden Horde, while Mongols eventually became buddhists.". The Tatars and Mongols (Golden Horde) had invaded and conquered the Balkans subsequently.
Martina Christov
November 10 @ 11:39pm
Neither Tatars nor Mongols did invade the Balkans, they raided yes, tributes were paid yes, but invasion did not happen . You may be mistaken with Volga Bulgaria that succumb under the Golden Horde, but that was thousands of miles away from Danube Bulgaria and the Balkans where it was/ is located.
Anton Davidoff
November 15 @ 9:33am
Khan Batu's troops did not invade Bulgaria but they invade Dacia, Thrace etc.. After all the name Bulgaria is "theirs" even thou most of bulgarian identity is based on slavic heritage from the "original" settlers .. It is not clear if Thrachians= Dacians = South Slavs or even for that matter that is 2 milleniums separating us today from so called antiquicity
Hulon Sain c/o LARA
January 31 @ 1:12pm & & also read footnote #2 *My great uncle's surname is SAIN, so that's why I started researching Batu Sain Khan
Onur Dincer Onur Dincer
January 30 @ 10:34pm
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