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About us

   Besides the effort of simplifying the effort to identify shared ancestors the project will be working towards:

  • ·      Increasing participation from Anabaptist community members and obtain results from specific sub-groups to better define their internal relationships.

  • ·       Investigating the extent of intermarriage between the Volga German and Low German Mennonite communities.

  • ·       Developing an understanding of deep, pre-1700, “Swiss” shared DNA present in current Swiss and Anabaptist populations.

  • ·       Evaluating the degree of in-breeding present within Anabaptist community members with the aim of improving relationship predictions to account for number of common ancestors.

  • ·        Collecting a sufficient number of results to phase segments from specific common ancestors.

  •       Identifying and utilizing private SNPs and CNV (copy number variants) within specific descendant lineages.

  •       Testing a sufficient number of existing lineages to narrow down the potential sources for the Jewish Ashkenazi contribution observed in about 20% of the Amish/Mennonite samples.

  •        And more…..