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About us

The primary goal of this study is to trace the direct female line descendants of the tribes of Virginia, with an emphasis on descendants of Ka-Okee, believed to be the daughter of Pocahontas. This unbroken maternal line can be identified with a mitochondrial DNA test (mt-DNA), with samples taken from living descendants of Ka-Okee herself, from both direct female lineages or males who are sons of a direct female of this maternal lineage. Males break the direct line of females from Ka-Okee yet still possess the direct maternal mt-DNA themselves. This portion of the DNA study will be housed on the FTDNA (FamilyTreeDNA) platform, where mt-DNA kits can be purchased. Once you have a FTDNA account and have purchased a mt-DNA kit, you can join our project on this platform. Some mitochondrial DNA haplogroups are more commonly found in Amerindian populations than others. It is our hope to discover one of these Amerindian mitochondrial haplogroups among the maternal line descendants of Ka-Okee. This study will also collect and compare the direct maternal descendant mt-DNA from the known sisters of Pocahontas and other female relatives of the tribes found in and around Virginia. Should the mt-DNA from descendants of Ka-Okee match those of the descendants of sisters and maternal line relatives of Pocahontas, then we will have successfully proven Ka-Okee as the female relative of Pocahontas, showing the probability that she may have been a daughter of Pocahontas. To provide further supportive evidence, we will also be seeking Y-DNA for the various families associated with apparent Native American Indian lines. These surnames include, but are not limited to: Meese/Mays/May, Elkins, Redman/Redmond, Bowling, Grigsby, etc. Y-DNA tests can also be purchased at FTDNA and the Y-111 marker test is recommended. Once you have made an account on the FTDNA (FamilyTreeDNA) platform, please join the study. We will also have an autosomal (at-DNA) component of this study, open to ALL descendant branches, male and female, of the above named individuals and families. Autosomal DNA can be tested at all major DNA testing platforms, such as: AncestryDNA, FTDNA, 23&Me, MyHeritage and be uploaded for free into This will generate a kit number which we will include in our study database. For at-DNA tests completed at FTDNA (FamilyFinder), these kits can be entered into the above named project on that platform: (JOIN THE STUDY). All at-DNA kits should be uploaded into Gedmatch for the admixture portion of this DNA study. NOTE: Along with your DNA submissions into the Amerindian DNA Study of VA, we also seek your lineage connecting you to Ka-Okee, Pocahontas, and the female relatives of Pocahontas. This will allow us to verify the lineage with available documented sources where available. NOTE: During the admixture portion of this DNA study, please understand that autosomal DNA is heavily subjected to random inheritance. We inherit approximately 50% DNA from each parent, 25% DNA from each grandparent, and only 12.5% DNA from each great-grandparent. That is an astonishing amount of DNA we did not inherit. Therefore, a person's amount of or lack of Amerindian DNA should not include or exclude them as having Native American ancestry. It also should be noted that “blood quantum” is not being measured with admixture and is not a relevant part of any DNA study, due to random inheritance. PLEASE DIRECT ALL QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, LINEAGES, ETC., to any of the following: Crystal T. Davis: ( You can find us on Facebook in our related group: Native American DNA Study of the Virginias.