ALSTON Surname DNA Project

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About us

Our goal is to aid anyone interested in researching their Alston family history through DNA testing. If you are a serious genealogist, sooner or later you are going to reach the end of a proven "paper trail". When this happens, looking beyond this so called "brick wall" can become very exasperating and next to impossible. DNA testing offers an exciting new approach to solving this problem. 
There are two classes of DNA of interest to genealogists, the DNA of the Y-chromosome and the rest of the DNA of each cell nucleus. A Y-DNA test is that of the Y-chromosome which is passed down through the generations from father to sons only. Family Finder tests autosomal DNA that is received by both parents. The results of a single DNA test, standing alone, is of little value. It is by comparing that single test with others in a database that it becomes valuable. That is the purpose of this project! Each participant's test results are of equal importance in this regard. 
- William