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Updated 20 Nov 2022 To help find family connections for the Allisons of all spelling and variations. By joining the group you agree to provide the project with 3 things. 1) The surname of the person being tested. 2) The name, date and place of birth of the oldest researched male ancestor of your male patrilineal line and the oldest researched female ancestor of your matrilineal line. 3) Permission to publish the DNA results and the names, dates and places of birth of the oldest known patrilineal or matrilineal ancestor. Finding family origins and new cousins are two benefits of participation in the Allison/Ellison DNA Project. All males who HAVE the ALLISON, ELLISON or variant surnames join the project and take a Y-DNA test. Anyone who has an ALLISON or ELLISON ancestor within about 5 generations is invited to join the Project and take a Family Finder DNA test. If you're researching these families and want to learn more about your Allison/Ellison ancestors, please urge an eligible male in your family to participate. The goal is to find common ancestors & establish the genetic connections among the various families through Y-Chromosome DNA test results. ATTENTION: All participants of the National Geographic Genographic DNA Project who are are male and HAVE the ALLISON, ELLISON (and variant spellings) surnames are welcome to join the ALLISON/ELLISON DNA Project!