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Alexander Surname DNA Project

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About us

ALEXANDER SURNAME DNA PROJECT The purpose of the ALEXANDER Surname Y-DNA Project is to assist and enable Alexanders to understand Y-DNA results. We collect, organize into "DNA families", and display on our website the Alexander lineages of our members. Membership requires Y-DNA testing of a male Alexander. To order a Y-DNA test, you must be a direct-male descendant of an Alexander male (you have an Alexander surname and are male), or you are sponsoring a direct-male Alexander click on the JOIN button on the extreme right hand side of the screen and follow instructions. Write the administrators if you have questions. We are always happy to help. To view the y-results for current participants, click on the DNA RESULTS link on the left. Select "Classic" link for a display of project members results. Select the "Colorized" link for a display of differences within matching sets. To view the Lineage Summaries of any participant, return to the "About" tab on the left and select "Results."The names of the participants and their fathers are NOT displayed. Use their kit number to identify their Lineage Summary. A few of the Alexander project members tested with other laboratories. To view their results and the comparison of each with another member, return to the "About" tab on the left and select "Goals." If you are NOT a direct-male Alexander descendant, you are welcome to learn more about the ancestry of our current participants by visiting our Lineage Summaries or Y-DNA results listed above, or you may write directly to the coordinators and they will do whatever they can to assist you. If you are NOT a direct-male Alexander and have tested your Y-DNA at FTDNA and you have some Alexander matches at the 37-marker level or above, you are welcome to write them at their email addresses on your “Y-DNA Matches” Personal Page. Contact the administrator if you have any questions: Floyd Owsley