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J-Z640 (people):

In the following we will pinpoints to the relation between J-Z640 and AlAzd tribes.

*What does the word "AZD" mean?*

Azd/Asd it's the name of the ancient father of these tribes, all of them are his descendants, the singular word "Azd"/"Asd" means (lion) in English, and when we pronounce it in the plural form then we'll add: "AL" which stands for "THE" in English, so, the meaning of "AL-AZD" is "THELIONS"..

*A brief introduction and history glance about thisHaplotype (J-Z640) and Al AZD tribes:*

After testing most of the Arabs tribes in Arabian Peninsula’s countries, it was clear that the majority of the Al Azd tribe (one of the Arab Qahtani tribe) belongs to this Haplotype (J-Z640).

It is one of the biggest Arab Qahtani tribes.

AlAzd tribes before Islam were located in the following places:

The majority of them lived and still in the north of Yemen /south of Saudi Arabia Area called (AlSarat mountains =Jebaal AlSarat).

One branch migrated from that area to what is known today by Oman and UAE.

Another branch called (Ghassanids =Ghassani) moved north and established the Ghassanids kingdom south of the Fertile Crescent.

Also one of the major branches of Azd was settled down in Al-Madinah (currently in northwest Saudi Arabia) this branch called "AlAnsar" (which mean: the supporters of the prophet Mohammed).

*Al Azd of Nabet bin Ishmael:*

Traditionally, the AZD are belong to Qahtan,, Nabet bin Qahtan,, there are many texts explained that the AZD are descended from ( Nabetbin Ishmael ),, now, those texts has been confirmed after the DNA revelation came up, and the worth noting in this regard it is to point out that the "Cohens" (Aron's lineage) which belongs to the prophet ( Ishaq bin Abraham ) are tested positive for the SNP (ZS227) which means that the upstream SNP (YSC234) it's the "Abrahamic SNP", so this leads up to conclude that the (SNP L858) should be another son of Abraham, which certainly is hisson "Ishmael", moreover, the lineage of prophet Mohammad was found under the L858 and it's well known that he belongs to Ishmael,, this is beside that texts we've mentioned above which indicated how the AZD are belonging to the ( Nabet of Ishmael )..

*Religions of AlAzd tribe:*

1. The majority of them are Muslims.

2. Christianity (Ghassani Azd the majority stayed Christians)

3. Judaism (Like AlHarith bin Ka'ab, AlSamual Bin Adia, some Madina Azd) Najran, Madina, Tayma and other provinces.

*Introduction of Z640 to Europe:*

We think that Z640 entered Europe in waves:

1. The first wave was during the Roman Empire When they took soldiers from fertile crescent including their alliances the Christian Azd Ghassani.

2. The second wave was during the entering of Muslim Arab to the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal)Where it was mentioned by the Arab historians that Alansar Azd tribe was the biggest Arabic tribe in Iberia.

3. After that AlAzd start to move groups and individual to settle in Andalusia(Iberian peninsula ).

*DNA Test:*

During the DNA test (Y-chromosome ), it was found that the majority of Azd Tribe branches are belong to J1 Haplogroup (with small portions of other Haplogroups) and inside the J1 group majority of Azd tribe carry the unique J-Z640 Haplotype, this Haplotype are common among all Azd tribe in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE and Oman.

Found also among the current "Christians Arab "which historically belong to Azd ( in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordan).

Also it exist among Spanish, Portuguese and Latin Americans people, as well as it exist in Jewish people also.

*The Roots in Arabia:*

The oldest branches of all these groups of people are exist in south Arabia, please check the:

 YFull' Z640 tree( YFull estimate J-Z640 age of TMRCA by 3600 ybp) :


AZD-Z640 FTDNA project:

also you can follow your snp Branch ( e.g. J-Z640, J-Z642,J-BY74.....etc.) by typing it in the following Phylogeographer link and see the trajectory of your Branch:

(n.b.: make sure to write it CAPITALS and in this form  J-Z640) 

just and example when you put :  J-Z640 , you get this:


*Some famous Surnames of Arab tribes which carry J-Z640:*

AlGhamdi, AlShehhri, AlZahrani , AlAhmari , Al Buqami ,Al Asmari, AlAmri, AlHawali, AlMewali, AlHanaee, AlMemari, AlRasbi , AlShehhi,AlKhorosi, Alyahmadi, .... etc.

Why Oman is very important to specify which is the Real DNA haplotype of AlAzd inside J1:

It is very well known to all Arab Historians that AlAzd Tribe entered Oman under the leadership of Malik Bin Fahim [he moved from AlSarat (Saudi Arabia) to Oman] defeating the Persians and expelling them out of Oman  after that Oman became a pure Azdi kingdom and from Oman his son Juthimah AlAbrash moved and build AlHira kingdom in Iraq.

after testing main branches of Azd tribes in Oman the the ONLY J1 haplotype they carry is J-Z640, connecting Oman Azd tribes to their cousins Azd tribes in Saudi and Yemen.  

Hoping that we gave small clarifying about the J-Z640 in Arabia.