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About us

Are you an Adamthwaite? Here is your opportunity to discover more about your early ancestry ... we have identified ten Adamthwaite lines, which all originate in a tiny hamlet in Westmorland, in the north west of England.  Adamthwaite Farm, which was rebuilt by Thomas Adamthwaite in 1684, is still there today.

The Adamthwaite DNA Project welcomes all participants - descendants of the original Adamthwaite families - some of whom live in England but many from the pioneering Adamthwaites who migrated to the New world.  You can learn more about our research, and view our reconstructed family trees, by visiting our one-name study web site, the Adamthwaite Archive or contacting the Group Administrator

The Y DNA test tells you about your direct male line, which would be your father, his father, and back in time. You must be male to take this test, and you should have the surname ADAMTHWAITE. If you believe there is a Adamthwaite or variant in your direct male line, although you have a different surname, you are also welcome to participate. If you are female, you will need to find a direct line male in your family tree to participate and represent your tree. We encourage males who order a Y DNA test to order 37 markers, if possible. If you order less markers, you can upgrade later, though this costs a little more.

We are also now welcoming anyone with ADAMTHWAITEs in their ancestral line who takes a FAMILY FINDER test.