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About us

This is the FTDNA project for all Aburto's, Agurto's, and Cousins. Welcome one and all!

  • Purpose

  • We are researching the paternal genetic origins of the Aburto's and Agurto's. We are interested in connecting with Aburto's and Agurto's anywhere in the world for Y-chromosome testing. We are particularly interested in Aburto's/Agurto's deriving from Spain/Iberia and North/Central/South America with specific interest in connecting genetic lineages across the Atlantic Ocean. If you are an Aburto/Agurto from Spain please contact us.

  • Genetic Testing Offer

  • We are offering a free Geno 2.0 genetic test from the provided an Aburto/Agurto paternal ancestry can be demonstrated going back at least 3 generations. Our resources are limited but we can guarantee testing 2 or 3 Aburto's/Agurto's per year. We will provide complete information of all results. Please contact us if you are interested in this offer, Al Aburto (USA/Mexico) and Eduardo Aburto (USA/Chile).

  • General Fund

  • The direct contribution (donation) link for the Aburto Project is given .