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Aboriginal Tribes Australia DNA Project

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Cultural Sensitivity WARNING: In accordance with established Cultural Protocols - and to ensure that any disclosure of information contained herewith is consistent with the views and sensitivities of Australia's Indigenous peoples - ALL Indigenous Aboriginal Persons are WARNED that the AboriginalTribesAustralia-DNA-Project may contain images and include the names of deceased persons which might cause sadness or distress, particularly to the relatives of these people.

The Goals of the AboriginalTribesAustralia-DNA-Project are to:


Look for, and identify any patterns or similarities between Haplogroups and sub-Clades in an endeavour to find and confirm any distant relatedness between Participants.


Verify the relatedness and migratory paths of families, and where possible to identify their Patriarch/Matriarch (Common - or Alpha - Male/Female) from whom all Participants herald from.


To identify and confirm the Indigenous Aboriginal Australian Ancestry and the traditional hereditary affilation of participants and their: Families; Hordes; Clans; Tribes and the Tribal Nations encompassing same - i.e. Kinship Bonds.