Y-DNA Ancestry Tests

Discover your heritage on your father's line

Connect on your direct father's line

Uncover your paternal heritage

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Trace the history of your surname.

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Find your genetic matches in the world's largest Y-DNA database.

Trace your paternal ancestry

The Y chromosome is passed almost unchanged from father to son. That lets you trace your paternal ancestry using the world's largest Y-DNA database.

Uncover your paternal heritage

We can use your Y-DNA to figure out where your paternal ancestors came from and how they migrated throughout the world.

Comparing our Y-DNA tests

More markers mean more confidence.

Our Y-DNA tests check for specific markers on the Y chromosome. 37 markers is a good place to start and can confirm close relationships. Increase your marker count to 67 or 111 for even greater confidence!

Male test taker only Male test taker only Male test taker only
37 - marker matches 67- marker matches 111- marker matches

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