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Voychik, Wojcicki, Wojcik, Wójcik, Woycik, Wujcik


Wójcik is the 8th most common Polish surname. Currently, over 80,000 individuals in Poland use this surname accoridng to official databases. Its meaning is the "son of Wójt" or "small Wójt". Wójt was an official equal to the German "Vogt". He was a head of a group of settlers and/or farmers founding a settelement/colony based on the so called "German law" within a big feudal estate held by a nobleman during late Middle Ages in Poland. It is therefore likely that not all the males carrying the surname Wójcik will be related to each other, rather they will form small clusters tracing their origins from each of the individual Wójts in the different regions.Since Wójcik was a commoner's name, some of the Wójciks have changed their name to Wójcicki or Wójcikowski in order to give it a much more "noble" sound. Some of the Wójciks were actually admitted into nobelty.

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