R1b-U198 - News

Breaking News: New SNPs have been discovered downstream of S29/U198

We now know that some (perhaps all) of the "Superfamily A" sub-group will test positive for S4076

We also see SNPs which may help to refine the division between "type R" and "type G" R-U198

This is a fast-developing field. Please see our main project website for a new S29 (R-U198) tree and please feel free to contact John or Chris for more information:


Confirmed U198+ (S29+) members have been divided into sub-groups. The rationale for this is more fully explained on our main webpages:


The "superfamily" is a robust sub-group proposed by John Sloan in April, 2008. It appears to represent a significant "family" within "regular" (type "r") S29/U198. It has a very strong "motif" of Y-STR marker values and appears to represent a large "family" who shared a common ancestor well before the adoption of surnames.