R1b-U198 - News

We have recently made huge advances in uncovering the structure beneath U198/S29

As a result, our sub-grouping has been revised and we are now able to offer specific SNP-testing advice to members.

This is a fast-developing field. Please see our main project website for a new S29 (R-U198) tree and please feel free to contact John or Chris for more information:


The "superfamily" is a robust sub-group proposed by John Sloan in April, 2008. It appears to represent a significant "family" within S29/U198. It has a very strong "motif" of Y-STR marker values and appears to represent a large "family" who shared a common ancestor well before the adoption of surnames. We now know this is an actual sub-clade (SNP: DF94+) of R-U198 and we can identify a "parent" clade upstream based on other SNPs. Members of this upstream clade will generally have DYS594 = 11