The SLOAN Surname Project at FamilyTreeDNA - Results

Members are sub-grouped by Haplogroup. Members of different haplogroups are not related to one another. Members listed under an "UNMATCHED" banner are un-related to one another.

Here are some further contacts for those interested in specific haplogroups:

The largest Sloan line forms part of a broader Scottish "cluster". It represents around half of the Sloans tested to date. It appears to descend from an original founder of the Sloan name.

There is an interest group for the "parent" Scottish cluster. You may contact Steven Colson for details on "stevecolson (at)"

As of June 2011 there is a new FTDNA "Little Scottish Cluster" project, managed by Alex Williamson. Members of the "R-L21" main SLOAN line with a minimum of 37 markers are strongly recommended to join that project in addition to ours. This does not affect your membership of the Sloan project! You can find the project here:

The second largest Sloan line is that of our project founder and administrator, Susan Sloan. It is also represented in the Legacy ht35 DNA Project:

The smallest "R" haplogroup of Sloans (R-U198) is relatively uncommon. This line is known to have an Ulster-Scots connection. You can find out more about the U198/S29 project here:

and here

Most of the above relationships were unknown prior to this project.

We look forward to continued growth with new recruits always most welcome.