Quraysh & Bani-Hashem (FGC8712+, L859+, FGC8703+, DYS485=14)- Background



Alawis, Hashemis, Qurayshis


This project intends to track down individuals, and their Y-DNA kits, who tested positive for FGC8712, L859, FGC8703, FGC10500, CTS8308, FGC8702, and/or L615 markers. L859+ individuals are descendants of Quraysh and FGC8703+ individuals are descendants of Hashem and Imam Ali (AS).

Below is the most updated phylogenetic tree of the Quraysh (FGC8712) Project:

Hashem tribe emerged in west Arabia (Hijaz) and migrated to the south (Yemen) or to the north east (Levant and Mesopotamia). Sayeds & Sahrifs with well known lines of succession tested positive for L859 and FGC8703 markers. A Y-STR model of Imam Ali bin abi-Taleb (AS) was generated based on the 54 available alawite kits:

Below is also the distribution of FGC8712+ and L859+ kits in the Mid-East and Eastern Europe:

FGC8712 and its downstream SNPs are defined as a branch of the greater J1 phylogenetic tree (characterized by the M267 SNP-marker):

Prophets Ibrahim (Abraham), Ismael (Ishmael), Isacc, and Haroon (Aaron) are considered major forefathers in the J1 phylogenetic tree.

The age of FGC8712 subclade is believed to be ~3300-3600 yBP (years before present). Individuals who tested positive for this marker (FGC8712) are welcome to join the Quraysh project.