Busch, Bush, Pusch, Push


The purpose of this project is to determine the relationships between the surnames Pusch, Busch, Push and Bush and to help those searching for relatives with those surnames find each other. A DNA test might bring them together.

As the first member of this project, my own experience may be helpful.

My surname is Pusch but although this is a fairly common name in Germany and the United States, I have been unable to find any Pusch ancestors further back than my grandfather Johann or John Pusch who was born, supposedly in Prussia, about 1841, He immigrated alone to Mankato, Minnesota before 1872. His surname is listed in some documents, as Busch and it may also have been either Push or Bush.

Details on my Pusch, Busch, Push and Bush line may be found on my RootsWeb site at:

Or on Ysearch (the FamilyTreeDNA sponsored site) at:

I had my DNA tested by FamilyTreeDNA in the hope I would immediately find some connections but so far, not matches have been found. Matches have been found for many others there however and I hope that some of the new individuals, as they are tested, will match my results. If so, I will be notified.

As the Y chromosome is passed from father to son, unchanged, except for a mutation about every 500 generations, I’m sure I have many matches out there among the untested. Comparing my results to others with similar surnames, should be the best way to find them especially if they decide to submit their DNA sample to FamilyTreeDNA for the reduced Pusch project price at

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