MorrowDNA- Background



The Morrow DNA Testing Project was begun in July 2003 and will continue as long as members wish.

This is mainly a yDNA testing project, using DNA samples from living Morrow males.  The Y chromosome of the donor's DNA is used in the testing. The Y chromosome DNA is passed from father to son(s) virtually unchanged over the eons.  So it follows when two living Morrow males match yDNA test results, they had to have descended from a common ancestor.  Needless to say, there are numerous "different" Morrow male lines so this project's Co-Administrators will assist members in determining which line they descend from.

To join this yDNA testing project, click onto the above icon: Join Request
When the screen appears, there are two methods of joining, the first for existing FamilytreeDNA members, then below,
for new members, an icon: Purchase A Test To Join This Project (orange color)
For new members, please click onto the above icon. The next screen shows various tests and prices.  We recommend at a minimum, to select the 25 yDNA marker test. Choosing 25 or more markers will guarantee sufficient results to prove kinship with any current members whose yDNA test results match yours.

How does yDNA testing work?
You will be sent a DNA kit to the address furnished to FamilytreeDNA when you join. Instructions are included in the kit. You scrape inside your cheek with plastic swabs furnished in the kit. Like brushing your teeth. Simple and painless.  You snail mail your two DNA samples back to the lab. Tests take about six weeks.  
The lab experts examine the number of markers you purchase, and record the results.  This becomes your "haplotype" or yDNA test results. Your test results are compared to other Morrow DNA members to see if there is a match close enough to prove kinship.  One of the Co-Administrators of the Morrow group will email you with their analysis of your test results. It's that simple. And your privacy is guaranteed. This type of DNA test is much simpler than Police or Health DNA tests and is therefore alot cheaper. Your privacy is guaranteed.

Join today, you are not getting any younger.