Morris DNA Project- Background



To identify Morris Surname Lines in America by making genealogy connections through DNA (last update 12/27/08)

2008 – Y- Chromosome Family Groups Identified Based on Members Genetic Distance Reports. Currently there are ten (10) Family Groups to be found on the Y- Results page of the Morris Surname Project Website.

In January 2007 The Morris Surname DNA Project has started to collect the most recent known ancestor for each member.

The name and purpose of this group was modified on July 13, 2006, to include any one with the Surname of Morris or any variation of Morris. The reason for the name change is that many people just starting their genealogy research do not know when their Morris Line came to America and they would think that the group would not apply to them. For the Project to be useful we need as many members as possible to see how many Morris Surname Lines are in America.

Originally, in 2003, this group was established to identify Morris relatives that were in the United States before 1790 and was called the "Morris before 1790" Surname Project.

General Fund

Current balance: $244.00

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Credit $25.00 5/19/2014 Earl Edward Morris     Individual
Credit $25.00 4/7/2013 Linda Duke Brewster for Cecil Rex Morris, Jr Morris Family Tree project   Individual
Credit $50.00 6/28/2012 Philip Haden Morris     Individual
Credit $100.00 2/18/2012 Howard Morris     Individual
Debit $203.00 1/9/2012     226247 Unknown
Credit $123.00 1/9/2012     160408 Unknown
Credit $9.00 8/18/2011   From canceled kits 151068 and 151070   Unknown
Credit $88.00 6/28/2011   from canceled Morris kit   Unknown
Debit $123.00 8/3/2009     160579 Unknown
Debit $0.00 6/30/2009 D3814 Multi Kit Order 157694 Unknown
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