McLaughlin Surname DNA Project - Results

McLaughlin DNA Groups

12 Marker R1b1c7

We can't further identify this group without an upgrade to at least 25 markers.

Donegal R1b1c7

MacLochlainn of Tirconnell. Everyone in this group has DYS 447 = 24 and most have DYS 576 = 17. A number of people in this group who can trace their ancestors to Co. Donegal, Londonderry or Tyrone make this identification possible.

Other R1b1c7 #1

Two matching Laughlins from Tyrone or Ulster. We have no information on any deeper ancestry.

R1b1c7 #2

This is a closely related group with an early ancestor in the United States. Two other samples match from the Sorenson database. Origins given are Kentucky, Missouri, Tennesee, Texas. We have no information on their deeper ancestry.

R1b1c7 #3

These samples represent the rest of the R1b1c7 in the project. Some could possibly be Donegal McLaughlins although only two have even one of the Donegal modal values.

I haplogroup

Unknown Origins

Leinster Modal

This group of McCloughans and Mclaughlins matches the Leinster modal. For more information see In Ireland the modal is associated with the kings and chietains of Leinster, the Kavanaghs, O'Byrnes and Murphys.

Irish Type III

This group matches Ken Knordtfedt's Irish Type III modal thought to be associated with the Dal Cais of Thomond. The surname O'Loughlin fits that nicely as a Thomond surname although the traditional O'Loughlin pedigree is not Dal Cais.

The rest of the McLaughlin groups are R1b but not R1b1c7.

R1b Group 1 (U106)

One of the samples in this small group tested U106(S21) on an SNP test. They to some extent match R1b Group 3 but are very distant. We think both these groups are probably Scottish but don't know for sure.

R1b Group 2

This group to some extent matches Ken Knordtfedt's Scottish modal, mostly found in western Scotland and thought to be Dal Riata in origin. It may represent at least some of the Maclachlans of Argyllshire, Scotland.

R1b Group 3

This is a closely related group with other matches on Sorenson and Ancestry. A McLaughlin sample from Missouri on Sorenson lists an ancestor Ira McLaughlin, descended from a William McLaughlin, who left Invernessshire, Scotland for Ireland (Co. Cavan) and then came to the U.S. The Ancestry testee and one in the project can trace their ancestry to a John McLaughlin from Ireland in Maryland in the U.S. in the late 1700s.

We suspect this group is Scottish but don't know for sure.

Unclassified R1b

This isn't really a group but Mclaughlins who are R1b and can't be placed in any of the other sub-groups.