Lamberson and Lambertson DNA Project - Goals

Goals include determining relations of at least the following Lamberson and Lambertson families:
1. Family of Timothy Lamberson (born about 1790 in Ohio or Maryland) whose family is from northeast Missouri.
2. Family of Timothy Lamberson (born 1809 in Ohio and son of another Timothy Lamberson) whose family is from Oregon, California and Arizona.
3. Family of Lawrence Lamberson of New Jersey, Tennessee, and Alabama (very large family in midwest and south)
4. Lambersons/Lambertsons of Indiana
5. Lambertsons/Lambersons of Maryland and Ohio
6. various Lambersons of New York and New Jersey (some believed to be Dutch)
7. Lambersons of Pennsylvania
8. Lambersons of North Carolina

Initial specific goals are to determine if the two Timothy Lamberson families are in fact from the same recent ancestor, and if these families are tied to that of Lawrence Lamberson. Also, as candidates for testing appear, we will try to get representatives from all known family groups to test and compare.