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To date representatives of six different Fix families have joined the project. They represent their earliest known ancestors as described below. Other Fix families are encouraged to add their family to the list by joining the project. A male descendant is required as we are using Y-chromosome testing for this project.
1. JACOB FIX: Jacob Fix was a weaver and the first record of him in America is in 1740 when he witnessed a deed of George and Deborah Boone in Berks Co., Pennsylvania. He apparently lived in what became Exeter Twp., Berks Co. at the time. His son Phillip’s Revolutionary War pension application further identified their home as “9 miles down the Schuylkill from Reading”. Not many records of Jacob have been found but he is found in the tax records. In 1759 and 1760 he paid taxes in Amity Twp., Berks Co. and in 1763, 1764 and 1765 he paid taxes in Exeter Twp. By 1769 Jacob and his son Henry both appear in tax records as males over the age of 15 and had migrated to Loudoun Co., Virginia. The family is found in Augusta Co., Virginia by 1780. He is presumed to have died there sometime after 1784 when he witnessed the marriage of his daughter. There are four known children of Jacob including three sons: Henry(b ca 1752, d 14 May 1837), Phillip(b 2 June 1754, d 2 Dec 1834), and Jacob Jr.(b 1756, d 25 July 1825). A descendant of Jacob Jr. has joined the Fix Surname Project and the Project seeks male descendants of Jacob’s sons Henry and Phillip. Please contact the Fix Surname Project Group Administrator with your interest. [Information provided by Carolyn Fix Blount]
2. LORENTZ FIX: Lorentz Fix first appears in America during the 1750s. Family tradition is that he and his wife Catharine Stull(b 12 Feb 1728, d 14 Sept 1814) were “Pennsylvania Dutch” and almost certainly spoke German and were from a German speaking area of Europe. They were members of the Trinity Lutheran Church of Reading, Pennsylvania as found in the church records. It appears that they were the Lorenz and Anna Catharina Vies whose daughter Catharina was baptized there 28 April 1754 and who witnessed a baptism there on 6 Feb 1753. Tax records indicate that Lorentz may have been in Reading as early as 1752 but was certainly there in 1754. It is now believed that Lorentz Fix arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Ship Patience in 1751 and that the person identified as Lorentz Voss is in fact Lorentz Vix. Lorentz Fix was a cooper or barrel maker and bought land in Reading on 4 Jan 1757 from Joseph Shoman. They sold this to John Collier on 26 July 1762. On 6 Sept 1761 Lawrence Ficks of Reading “took the Sacrament” pursuant to an Act of Parliament in allegiance to King George. On 14 July 1762 he acquired land(half of lot 117) on Penn Street in Reading which became his home for the remainder of his life. Lorentz Fix died intestate prior to 2 June 1777 when letters of administration were granted to his wife Catharine. Although it has not been verified it is presumed that Lorentz and Catharine are buried in the Trinity Lutheran Churchyard. The estate records further identify his six children which included two sons: Lorentz Jr.(b 10 Oct 1759, d 9 Oct 1822) and George(b 5 Dec 1768, d 18 Jan 1841). Two descendants of Lorentz Jr.’s eldest son Jacob(b 8 July 1782, d 21 April 1838) have joined the Fix Surname Project and the Project seeks male descendants of Lorentz Sr.’s son George as well as male descendants of Lorentz Jr.’s other sons: Daniel(b 11 Nov 1787, d 21 Dec 1868), John(b 14 Dec 1789, d 9 July 1832), Michael(b 8 Jan 1792, d 28 Mar 1874), and Samuel(b 26 July 1803, d 11 Feb 1895). Please contact the Fix Surname Project Group Administrator with your interest. [Information provided by Stephen Fix]
3. SEBASTIAN MICHAEL FIX: Sebastian Michael Fix, the son of George Fix, was born in Germany in about1722. He married Anna Ursula Brossard, daughter of Joannes and Catharine Brossard, on 24 Jan 1746 at Buchelberg, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany. Catholic Church records indicate that his son Jacob Fix(b 7 May 1759, d 22 Dec 1846) married Anna Maria Masset at Buchelberg on 15 Jan 1787 and their son Peter Jacob Fix (b 1 Mar 1789, d 29 June 1781) married Catharine Theresa Braun on 10 Feb 1812 at Buchelberg where both died. It was their son Johannes Joseph Fix(b 28 Feb 1813, d 5 Apr 1882) that immigrated to the United States in about 1847 settling in Muscatine Co., Iowa. He had married Apollonia Rebsamen, daughter of Peter Anton Rebsamen and Maria Anna Clara Niederer, on 3 Oct 1837 at Buchelberg, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany and is the only family member known to have immigrated. He died at his farm at age 69 and was buried at Dodge Cemetery, Montpelier Twp., Muscatine Co., Iowa. A descendant of his only son Charles is represented in the Fix Surname Project. The Project seeks other male descendants of Sebastian Michael Fix. Please contact the Fix Surname Project Group Administrator with your interest. [Information provided by Robert L. Fix]
4. JOSEPH FIX: Joseph Fix was born 19 March 1863 in Bundenbach, Germany and immigrated to the United States in about 1895. He settled in Tuckahoe, New York, married in 1898, and opened a bakery. He is known to have had four sons: John T. Fix(1902-1997), Mathias Fix(two daughters), James Fix(no children) and Joseph A. Fix(1899-1972, no children). John started working at Cornell Brothers Hardware in Eastchester, New York as a young man and purchased the store in 1932. He had two sons(John Jr. and Thomas) and three daughters. His descendants still operate the business today( and are represented in the Fix Surname Project. The Project seeks Fix males with ancestors originally from the Bundenbach area of Germany. Please contact the Fix Surname Project Group Administrator with your interest. [Information provided by John T. Fix 3rd]
5. CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH FIX: Christian Friedrich Fix (Friedrich) (b 12 Jun 1838, d 30 Jan 1888), the son of Georg Friedrich Fix (b 22 Feb 1806, d 18 Aug 1845) and Maria Barbara Fix (b 28 Feb 1819, d 1863), was born in Birkenfeld, Germany. Friedrich is believed to have been a gggg grandson of Johann Jacob Fix (b 1654, d 21 Mar 1732) of Durrn, Germany. After his father’s death, his mother married Otto Phillip Vollmer (m 3 May 1846) and the family emigrated to the United States in 1851. Friedrich returned to Germany briefly and then came to Lexington, Kentucky in 1854 where he became a printer. About 1860 he returned to Germany and settled in Stuttgart where, according to family lore, he became a founding member of the German Printer's Association and was active in the German labor movement. For many years he served as treasurer of the Relief Society of German Printers headquartered in Stuttgart. In 1882 he served as a principal representative to the General Assembly in Stuttgart and in May 1885 as representative to the General Assembly in Berlin. He married Frederike Margareta Rode (b 7 Jan 1835, d 21 Mar 1892) on 28 April 1862 in Birkenfeld as recorded in the Lutheran Church records. They had three children, Friederike Katharina Fix (b 3 Mar 1860, d 28 May 1904), Friedrich Albert Fix (Albert) (b 20 May 1872, d 6 Apr 1957), and Emilie Mathilda Fix (b 19 Jan 1869, d 17 Nov 1941). After Friedrich’s death in Stuttgart, his wife and two younger children, Albert and Emilie, emigrated to America in 1888 and settled in Uniontown, Washington where Otto Vollmer’s son John owned a general store. A descendant of Albert Fix has joined the Fix Surname Project. Other descendants of Johann Jacob Fix from Birkenfeld and Durrn are invited to join the project. Please contact the Fix Surname Project Group Administrator with your interest. [Information provided by Cathy Tryon]
6. PETER FIX: Peter Fix is listed as the father of the groom in his son Christoph’s 1668 marriage. Christoph was born in Heinrichsthal. Now in northwest Bavaria, Heinrichsthal was then in the Archbishopric of Mainz. Peter Fix most likely was born in Alsace and emigrated around 1648 to Heinrichsthal, which was in a region almost totally depopulated during the Thirty Years War (1618-1648). Desperate to repopulate his devastated areas, the archbishop actively recruited new settlers, offering many incentives. Most who answered the call came from eastern Alsace and came just after the war. They were given empty overgrown farms and the remains of houses and barns. Those who proved trustworthy over a couple of years in restoring the farms and buildings could buy the right to the property. This area bears many surnames like Fix that were long-established names in Alsace. One of Peter’s descendants, Johann Anton Fix (1728-1786), moved 3 miles north to Edelbach. Johann Anton’s descendant Johann K. Fix, born in Edelbach, emigrated to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1854. Please contact the Fix Surname Project Group Administrator with your interest.[Information provided by Mary Wuest]