Cohen Zadokites- Background



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(J1 CMH and J2 Cohanim Zadokite)

Dr. Karl Skorecki of the Ramban/Technion Medical Center in Haifa, who is renowned for his discovery in 1997 of the Kohen genetic signature (CMH - J1), reported in 2007 that he and his research team have discovered not one but two Cohen Modal Haplotypes, which he called J1 and J2. "Pinchas, the zealot mentioned in the Bible, may be the origin of J2" he suggested.

J2 Cohanim serves as the deep background of the priestly Jewish caste. “The finding of J2 among contemporary Cohanim can lend credence that today’s Cohanim (J1,J2) may be descendents of two different founding dynasties – including coalescence to Pinchas as the founder of J2 Cohanim” concluded Dr. Karl Skorecki.

According to the Holy Scriptures the seed of Zadok is supposed to be countless and measureless. The promise avows that from Zadok seed Hashem will build a continued existence family tree and from this offspring Cohanim will be selected to perform sacrifices on the Beit Hamikdash. The prophet may soon arrive and he will make holy Cohanim, sons of Zadok, and Leviim to minister and safeguard the third Temple, respectively. DNA revealed families from different Cohanim background with the precisely coalescence time allied, in J2 haplogroup, to Zadok. The Zadok Cohanim lineage is composed by 24 families strongly associated to Jewish priest caste, both in Ashkenazim and Sephardim communities. They present a DNA signature in J2 haplogroup that formed a well shaped tree with ramifications, branches and different houses as it should be in the face of of three thousand years of growth. 

Sephardim Kohanim
------- J2a4  ---------

Acohen Rodrigues
Cohen Rodrigues  
Cohen Rodrigues  
Acohen Pereira    
Acohen Pereira    
Acohen Pereira    
Cohen Pereira      
Cohen Pereira
Cohen Pareira
Cohen da Cunha
Cohen da Silva
Cohen da Silva
Machado Levy
Machado Levy
Acohen Mendes

Approved by the rabbi Izak Jozefs Cohen with in 1763 in Amsterdam appeared expenditure Minchat Jehoeda of Rabi Jehoeda / Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana.
El`Azar Cohen, Eleazar Cohen, Eleazar Levie

Askenazim Kohanim
----- J2a4h -------

Kahan Cowan
Ben Ezra

It was identified by DNA, 24 different families confirmed positive for the Zadokite Cohanim lineage (J2a4). All of these families are strongly related to Cohanim tradition both in Sephardic and Askenazim communities.

These families may represent the 24 houses of Zadok.