Clinton - Clint DNA Project - News

8 Nov 2012:
Mary Lee Becker has taken on the job as volunteer group administrator for the Clinton - Clint DNA Project.

We have had a match between a Clint from the Ards Peninsula, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, and the Lineage I Mac Giolla Fhiondain at the McClendon DNA Project. That subgroup contains McLindens (Ireland), McClendons & McLendons (America). This match probably indicates that most Irish historians were correct in stating that the Mac Giolla Fhiondain sept of Ulster (pronounced 'MacLiondain' or 'MacAliondain') later came to be known as the McAlindens/McLindens, McClintons/Clintons, McGlyndons/Lyndons and their variants: Lindens, Lindons, Lyndons, Clintons, Clints. From the Y-DNA test matches, we know that in America, they came to be known as the Macklendens, McClendons, and McLendons.