T - The Y-DNA Haplogroup T (former K2) Project - Goals

The aim of the Project is to investigate the history of haplogroup T, and so assist project members in following their personal ancestral trails.

As at May 2008 there are two subgroup SNPs for T, M320 and P77. M320 is thought to be very rare and P77 has only recently been published. The Project will investigate whether a subgroup structure for T is supported by STR marker patterns.
September 2009 - a 3rd subgroup SNP has been added to the ISOGG tree (but not yet to the FTDNA tree). L131 is the SNP for subgroup T3.
May 2010 - 2 more SNPs have been added to the ISOGG tree. L162 now defines subgroup T2, L208 defines T2a and P77 defines T2a1.
NB until the FTDNA tree is updated samples with P77+ results will continue to show as "T2" and all others will show as "T".
April 2011 - several new SNPs have been added and the FTDNA tree has been updated.
There are two major branches T1a and T1b and at least 8 sub-branches.
The Project hopes to identify representatives of all the new branches and investigate their origins and history.

July 2013 - there are a large number of new SNPs relevant to Haplogroup T on the Geno 2.0 chip. Z709 appears to be the most significant as it splits the large T-L208 paragroup into 2 roughly equal branches - a redefined T-L208* and T-Z709. T-P77 is a subgroup of T-Z709.