My FamilyTreeDNA Project Website Title - Goals

Our goal is to assist in understanding how Y-DNA testing is becoming a key genealogical tool. It will, along with the time tested techniques of documentation, afford a member an accurate account of their family history.  By comparison of Y-DNA marker values, one may locate other individuals of a given blood line that will verify or deny kinship.

We encourage prospective members to first join the Watkins Project.  After joining the project, a member receives the project's discount, and can order at reduced cost a Y-DNA37 or larger tests through the Watkins Project.  The Y-DNA37 test is the minimal required Y-DNA test for subgroup assignments.  The Y-DNA37 or larger tests posted results will be compared to other members within the project. If there is a match, members then will be assigned to an ancestral sub group.
A list of the Watkins Project member's pedigrees is available at the Watkins Sub Group Pedigrees web site, located at