Wages DNA Project - News

The results from my 12 marker test are in. They really don't mean much right now. At the moment there are no other males with the Wages surname to campare them to. ( We are working on that)

However, the projected Haplogroup for the markers has been predicted and not yet comfirmed. As I understand it, this is like one of the original branches on the humankind tree. Where your early, early ancestors originated...thousands of years ago.

My group is:

J2... This lineage originated in the northern portion of the Fertile Crescent where it later spread throughout central Asia, the Mediterranean, and south into India. As with other populations with Mediterranean ancestry this lineage is found within Jewish populations.

Even though there are no exact matches for my markers in the whole database, there are 3 matches that are one step off...one whose family at one time lived in Greece and 2 that had ancestors in Sri Lanka.



The second set of results are in and they are very encouraging. This member is a descendant of Benjamin Wages. We are only one marker off by one number. This means we are probably related, but not in the recent past. Not in the last 500 years or so. However, the marker that is off is a "red" marker that tends to mutate at a different rate...which means that we could have a more recent common ancestor. It also is good for me. It looks like I actually am a "Wages" and we will probably be getting more matches. And we are in the same haplogroup...it appears.