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DF23, DF49, FGC9591, FGC9595, FGC9631, FGC9635, L302, L319.1, M222, Z2961, Z2976, Z2980, Z2985, Z2986, ZP20, ZP21, ZP23, ZP41, ZP42, ZP43, ZP44


Welcome to the R-DF49 and Subclades Project one of the many sons of R-L21. For more information on R-L21 (and how DF49 fits in) visit our patriarchal project the R L21 and Subclades Project

DF49 is the biggest subclade of L21, mostly due to the herculean efforts of M222. You can see more information on this extraordinarily successful group at the R-M222 Haplogroup Project

The purpose of this project is to act as a central resource for research into DF49 & its subclades.

Our aim is to help identify clusters under DF49 and investigate the age and possible origin of these various groups.

Only people who have tested positive for DF49 or one of the SNPs below it are eligible to join the project unless we feel there is enough supporting evidence to assume somebody is DF49 plus.

Big Y and the emerging structurer of DF49

DF49 in Y-Tree

For detail of the work going into Big Y results in DF49 go to and click on Big-Y Results R-DF49 at the bottom of the page.

Only DF23 & M222, in the above diagram, are on FTDNA's haplotree so can't be ordered from that page.

To order SNPs not on FTDNA's haplotree first make sure you are logged into the right kit then click this link DF49 in Y-Tree

General Fund

Current balance: $962.67

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Credit $50.00 2/3/2017 Gary L Caldwell To go towards a BigY for kit no. 436970 (James T. Caldwell)   Individual
Credit $191.67 2/2/2017 Naomi Susan Button For James T Caldwell Big Y test   Individual
Credit $42.00 1/31/2017 Brian McMichael For further study under ZP179   Individual
Credit $175.00 1/13/2017 Gary Caldwell To go towards a BigY test for James T. Caldwell Ph.D   Individual
Credit $150.00 1/2/2017 Brian McMichael For further study under ZP179   Individual
Credit $100.00 12/31/2016 John Faichney Hogmanay! Thank you. Please expand the tree.   Individual
Debit $475.00 12/13/2016     N33095 Unknown
Credit $100.00 12/13/2016       Anonymous
Credit $375.00 12/13/2016 Dale Von Bieker Paid by Bonnie C. Robillard his sister in charge of his DNA   Individual
Debit $10.00 6/20/2016     B99923 Unknown
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