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Ab-Hugh, Ap-Pugh, Ashley, Astley, Bennett, Benyen, Benyon, Biggins, Bissett, Botts, Bowen, Bunyan, Calkins, Callaway, Carroll, Catton, Clark, Clinker, Council, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Davison, Day, Dern, Dick, Dickison, Dicks, Dickson, Dixon, Duff, Duhaime, Duncan, Emlyn-Jones, Epperson, Erickson, Eunson, Evans, Franklin, Gee, Gilbert, Goff, Gooch, Gough, Greene, Griffith, Hagan, Hagemann, Haney, Hartzel, Hayden, Haydon, Haymans, Haynie, Hen, Hendrickson, Hobbs, Hobbson, Hodo, Hodoson, Hughes, Hughs, Jackson, Jay, Jenkins, Jenks, Jinkins, Jinks, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jolly, Jones, L371, Lewis, Libey, Logan, Louis, MacPherson, Mathews, Matthews, McCurry, McKee, McMahon, Milam, Miles, Moen, Monroe, Morgan, Murphy, Myers, Myrheim, Nash, Neal, Nichols, Nickerson, Norris, Norse, Nurse, Oakley, Orfant, Owen, Owens, Payne, Pettit, Pevarel, Pevril / Peveral, Phillips, Poole, Prees, Price, Pritchard, Pugh, Purcell, Pyke, Quigley, R-17-14-10, R1b-L371, Read, Reed, Reeder, Rees, Reese, Rice, R-L371, R-L371+, Robb, Robbins, Roberts, Roderic, Sanda, Seeve, Serkyesson, Shook, Silvey, Sloop, Smith, Spicer, Stirling, STR43, STR47, Taylor, Templeton, Thomas, Tudor, Turner, Warren, Waters, Weaver, West, White, Williams, Wright, Wyeman, Wyman, Wymans


Originally conceived as the Wales Surname Cluster by Russell Smith and later changed to the R-17-14-10 Project to reflect the three allele modal for that group.

   The R-17-14-10 has now mutated from a single modal study of L21+ results into a multi project study of unique allele haplotypes that occur in the UK and Irish Isles.

   Unless identified otherwise, all the subgroups are snp tested or predicted to at least R-L21+ and represent early Isles natives who developed in situ (on site) and have made their results available for research.

   Some, like the L144+ subgroup appear to be very old, with a mathematically predicted range of two centuries.


Subgroups with a known snp.


Modal 1, R-L371+                   Represents an early Briton (Celtic?) group found heavily today in Wales and scattered across south England.


Modal 33-a,b,c R-L144+         Represents what may be a genetic signature of Irish Viking allies who migrated to the Wirral (Liverpool) UK area around 902 AD.


Modal 41, R-L21+ (no snp)     Represents a clade found in mid England, Scotland and possibly Ireland. Possibly connected with snp L193+/S176+


Modal R-L193+                       Not represented. Currently charted by Mike W.


Team Mag Uidhir R-L69+        Represents a faction of Brad McGuire’s Airghialla 2 clade of the Irish Middle Dynasties region. Possibly a connection with an Irish Priestly Class.


Ungrouped.                              The ungrouped group is a work in progress.


Other haplogroups                    Also a work in progress.


See the Google Map for ancestral locations of snp’s L371, L144 and L193      

Link to Map:

General Fund

Current balance: $122.81

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Credit $25.00 6/24/2017 Scott Wesley     Individual
Credit $1.00 12/10/2015 L371 Hg Discovery Team 43 L371 Group Y-SNPS and many L371 Group Branches have been identified. Do you know your 'correct L371 branch'? We Do! contact with your name and FTDNA Kit#   Individual
Credit $3.00 9/12/2014 Welsh Jones 23 R-L371 Related YSNPs Have Been Discovered. Email   Individual
Credit $2.00 4/23/2014 L371 Discovery Group 2 L371 men Match On 12 New YSNPs related to L371   Individual
Credit $1.00 3/24/2014 R-L371 New Y-SNP Discovery Group     Individual
Credit $1.00 12/2/2013 Jones & Griffith R-L371 Will Share BIG Y & FULL GENOME Results   Individual
Debit $40.00 10/15/2013     B3456 Unknown
Credit $50.00 4/27/2013 Victor T Jones Jr DYS537 test and general research   Individual
Debit $39.00 3/27/2013     208808 Unknown
Debit $220.00 3/23/2013     263082 Unknown
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