R-L371 and other Clades of Ancient Cymry
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About us

Originally conceived as the Wales Surname Cluster by Mr. Russell Smith 

Later revised to the R-17-14-10 Project by former admin Mr. Robert Hughes to reflect the three allele modal for that group.

Recently revised to the R-L371 Project to reflect the R-L21>DF13>L371 SNP originally discovered in 2010 which is accompanied by the very rare "17-14-10" allele signature which is unique to this haplogroup.

This project seeks to understand the origins and spread of the R-L371 SNP, how this branch developed amongst the R-L21 and R1b populations of early Celtic Britain, and how this fits into known history of the Brittonic and Gaelic Celts.  While the primary focus is the R-L371 branch, we welcome other R-L21+ descendants and other people with roots in ancient Britain, Wales, Scotland or Ireland, particularly those with haplogroups R1b and I2a which were known residents of the Isles in 44 AD at the beginning of the Roman invasion.

Subgroups with a documented and grouped terminal SNPs:

Modal 1, R-L371+                  Represents an early Brythonic Celtic tribe of Cymry with a very wide geographical distribution in the modern era in Wales, Midlands England, NW England, S. Scotland, E/NE Ireland, and possibly Brittany, France.

Modal 33a/b/c R-L144+          Represents what may be a genetic signature of Irish Viking allies who migrated to the Wirral (Liverpool) UK area around 902 AD.

Modal 41, R-L21+ (no snp)     Represents a clade found in mid , and possibly . Possibly connected with snp L193+/S176+

Modal R-L193+                      Not represented. Currently charted by Mike W.

Team Mag Uidhir R-L69+        Represents a faction of Brad McGuire’s Airghialla 2 clade of Irish Middle Dynasties. Possible connection to Irish Priestly Class.

Ungrouped                            The ungrouped group is a work in progress.

Other haplogroups                 Also a work in progress.

See the Google Map for ancestral locations of snp’s L371, L144 and L193      

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