Munley / Manley Surname project - Goals

The goals of our project are to:

1) Help members to understand their ancestry and to make connections to unknown relatives with similar DNA results.

2) Determine the likely origin of members' ancestry and provide them with information to further their own searches.

3) Discover and document common ancestral lines and pedigrees to the extent possible.

4) Compare pedigree/Gedcom information on direct lines with the goal of locating Most Common Recent Ancestors.

I am encouraging everyone to put their Gedcoms on their personal page at  The names of living people are not displayed.
All project members are strongly encouraged to upgrade to at least the 37-marker y-DNA test since it is not possible to provide grouping with only 12 markers.

All project members are also requested to upload their test results to and by clicking on that option on their profile page.

The Munley / Manley Surname Project is accepting donations to support testing of those who may not easily afford such testi
ng themselves.