Minthorn DNA Surname Project- Background



Minthorn, Minthorne, Minton, Minturn


Welcome to the Minthorn, Minthorne, Minton, Minturn DNA Surname Project!  We hope that everyone who has this surname joins our DNA project.  We need you to see if we are related!  There are many lines and regardless of which branch your ancestry is, or where you may live in the world, we would like you to participate.  USA, Canada, Europe or any where else.

What we would like to find out is if we all share a common ancestor or ancestors.  Were all the Minthorn's, Minthorne's, Minton's and Minturn's that came to America related?  Are the Minthorns (and other spelling variations) related to Minthorns (and spelling variations) living in other countries? Do we all share the same ancestry or the same ancestors? 

We need to use a more modern approach to find this answer.  DNA testing. We already have 2 people who have participated in our project but we need many more. Please help our project and join.

Thank you


General Fund

Current balance: $20.00

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Credit $20.00 12/3/2007 Julie French     Unknown