Lost Colony Family Finder Project- Background



Allen, Archard, Arthur, Austin, Bailes, Bailie, Balance, Ballance, Barber, Barbour, Barloe, Barnet, Barnett, Barret, Barrett, Barrow, Basnet, Basnett, Basnight, Baum, Beasley, Beckley, Bennet, Bennett, Berde, Berry, Berrye, Bishop, Black, Blount, Borden, Bridger, Bright, Brooke, Brooks, Brown, Browne, Buck, Burden, Burgis, Burras, Burrus, Burton, Butler, Cage, Cain, Callahan, Callahane, Carr, Casey, Chapman, Chavis, Cheven, Cirk, Clark, Clement, Collins, Colman, Cooper, Cotsmur, Cox, Croom, Dahoe, Dailey, Daniel, Dare, Darige, Davis, Dorrell, Dring, Duncan, Durant, Durrant, Dutton, Earnest, Edwards, Elks, Ellis, English, Etheridge, Evans, Farre, Farrow, Florrie, Flower, Freeman, Fulcher, Gallop, Garrish, Gaskill, Gaskins, Gibbes, Gibbs, Glane, Goodin, Gordon, Gramme, Gray, Griffin, Gurganus, Guthrie, Harris, Harvie, Harvye, Hemmington, Hersey, Hewet, HInde, Hodges, Hooper, Howard, Howe, Hudson, Humfrey, Hynde, Jackson, Jarvis, Jennett, Jennette, Jennings, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jonston, Keito, Kemme, Kersey, Keys, King, Kirk, Lasie, Lathan, Lawrence, Lawson, Leary, Lewis, Lindsay, Lindsey, Little, Long, Lost Colony, Lost Colony Family, LostColony, Love, Lowery, Lucas, Maccoy, Mackey, MacKuen, Macuing, Mann, Mannering, Martin, Martyn, Mashue, Maskue, Masque, Matham, Mayo, McCoy, McDearmid, Meekins, Merrimoth, Midget, Midgett, Midgette, Midyet, Midyett, Miller, Millet, Milton, Moor, Moore, Myllet, Mylton, Neal, Neel, Nelson, Newton, Nicholes, Nicols, Norton, Oden, Oliver, Oneal, O'Neal, Oneel, O'Neel, Padgett, Pain, Paine, Palmer, Paramore, Pattenson, Paumer, Payne, Peele, Penney, Phevans, Phevens, Pierce, Pine, Pinkham, Powell, Prat, Price, Pugh, Pyne, Quidley, Quidly, Read, Reed, Relfe, Robb, Robertson, Rollinson, Rollison, Rufoote, Russell, Salter, Sampson, Sanderson, Sawyer, Scarboro, Scarborough, Scot, Shaberdge, Simmons, Simpson, Skipper, Slade, Smart, Smith, Sole, Spencer, Spendlove, Spenser, Squires, Starte, Stevens, Stewart, Stilman, Stiring, Stirling, Stow, Stowe, Styron, Sutton, Tappan, Taverner, Taylor, Tidway, Toleer, Toler, Tolson, Tom, Tomkins, Toms, Topan, Turner, Tydway, Van Pelt, Vanpelt, Viccars, Wahab, Wallice, Wallis, Warner, Warren, Waters, Wells, West, Whedbe, Whedbee, Whedby, Whidby, White, Wild, Wilde, Wildye, Wiles, Wilkinson, Willes, Williams, Willis, Withers, Wood, Wotton, Wright, Wyles, Wythers


This project has been created to allow people who have taken the Family Finder test to see if others who feel they may descend from the lost colonists are related.

Very few, if any, e-mails will be sent through the project.  To keep current with genetic genealogy information, please subscribe to the blog, www.dna-explained.com by clicking on the small grey "follow" button on the right side of the page.  Not everyone appreciates e-mails from project administrators, and taking a blog approach allows people who are interestd to subscribe without bothering those who aren't.  So, please, subscribe to keep current.

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