Logan DNA Project - Results

We currently have well over 100 completed Y-DNA tests and continue to grow with periodic new members, upgrades, and special tests. Using results todate, we have identified several clusters of Logan families that probably reflect multiple origin of the Logan name back in the 12th century or later. These group are now working to find the exact relationships and learn more about their common ancestry. As additional tests are performed we will find additional relationships as well as dig deeper into our historic and prehistoric past. Phylogentic charts available in the files section of the Pre1800Logans forum shows inferred relationships between men tested. These relationships presented are interpreted as relationships between male line ancestors of the men tested. For privacy reasons, names of the persons being tested are not given but rather their results are identified by DNA kit number, the name of their ancestor, and the family number in the master index.

Discussion of DNA results are conducted through the Pre1800Logans forum.