Y-Haplogroup J-YSC0000076 Project- Background



CTS5857, J-YSC0000076, J-YSC76, L1253, L1279, L823, PF7267, YSC0000076, YSC76


Males in Y-Haplogroup J1c3d who have tested positive for SNP YSC0000076 (also known as YSC76) are welcome to join this project.  The YSC0000076 SNP is included in the National Geographic Geno 2.0 test as well as in the Advanced SNP tests at Family Tree DNA.  
To see the position of YSC0000076 in the J1 phylogenetic tree, please refer to this website:  


The age of YSC0000076 is estimated to be about 3.2kybp (3,200 years before present).

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