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Welcome to the J1 Y-DNA Project!

Y-DNA haplogroup J1, defined by the SNP mutation M267, is estimated to be approximately 20 thousand years old and is thought to have originated somewhere between Anatolia and Mesopotamia.

The goals of this project are to help project members interpret their results and guide them in further testing, while advancing our understanding of Y-DNA haplogroup J1.

The Team

  • Victar, J1 Lead Researcher
    Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan
  • Marco, J-FGC3716 Researcher
    Languages: German, Italian, English, Spanish
  • Peter Hrechdakian, J-Z1828, J-Z2223 Researcher
    Languages: French, English, Armenian, Arabic
  • Vitaly Goldberg, J-L817 Researcher
    Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English

Please transfer your Geno 2.0 results to FTDNA. Click here for instructions.

If you wouldn't mind, please include a link to the J1 Project in your Geno 2.0 paternal story to encourage other J1s to transfer their results to FTDNA and join the J1 Project. Thanks! http://www.familytreedna.com/public/J-M267/

Subclade projects

The J1 Project is partnered with the following J1 subclade projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does FTDNA tell me my terminal SNP is one thing, ex. J-L147.1, but the cluster I'm in says something different?

    The reason is that we can predict a deeper terminal SNP using your STR markers though phylogenetic analysis. It's recommended that order your predicted SNP to confirm.

    See also: What are Advanced Order SNPs?

  2. How are the clusters generated in this project?

    The clusters in this project are based on the latest J1 phylogenetic tree by Marko Heinila, which can be found here (note: Must be opened with Archaeopteryx). They are generated using probability calculations and are not based on religious or cultural affiliation, nor are they absolute in any way until defined by a SNP.

  3. I was recommended to test for a SNP, but I don't see it on the FTDNA order page. Where can I order it?

    1. Login to your myFTDNA account. (https://www.familytreedna.com/login.aspx)
    2. Click Order Upgrade on the menu bar.
    3. Click on Order an Advanced Test.
    4. Select SNP from the Test Type drop-down menu.
    5. Enter the name of the SNP in the Marker field and click Find.
    6. Click Add to the right of the SNP.
    7. Click the Next and proceed to the payment page.

    Note: If they SNP you would like to order begins with YSC, you will need to order it using its longhand name, which totals in 10 characters, ex. YSC0000076 and not YSC76.

  4. I noticed some letters and numbers in brackets by my cluster name. What are those?

    These are slow-mutating STR markers, with values unique within your subclade, known a UEPs (unique-event polymorphisms), that act as identifiers for your cluster. They shouldn't be confused with modal haplotypes, which require a series of STR markers to construct.

  5. I've transferred my results from Geno 2.0 to Family Tree DNA but I don't see my kit in the Y-DNA results chart. Why is that?

    Geno 2.0 only tests for SNP mutations, whereas the markers displayed in the Y-DNA results chart are STR mutations. An STR marker test can be ordered from Family Tree DNA.

    See also: What is a Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) STR test? What will I learn?

  6. How can I contact another kit owner within the project?

    If the kit isn't in your matches, you can email us and we'll pass along your message to them.

General Fund

Current balance: $200.00

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Credit $100.00 11/25/2017 Jon Normandin     Unknown
Credit $100.00 9/30/2017 JOHN Purley Cooper III     Honor
Debit $425.00 4/20/2017     B15412 Unknown
Credit $145.00 4/20/2017 David Mack     Unknown
Debit $89.00 4/20/2017     438809 Unknown
Credit $89.00 4/20/2017 Marco Ricci J1 SNP Pack for kit# 438809   Unknown
Credit $150.00 2/18/2017 Phillip LaSusa For all Victar Mas has done.   Individual
Credit $100.00 1/30/2017 ANTONIO CORREIA To support J1 Y-DNA PROJECT   Unknown
Debit $119.00 12/20/2016     M6765 Unknown
Debit $119.00 12/20/2016     289230 Unknown
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Project Stats

Statistic Type Count
Big Y 1227
Combined GEDCOMs Uploaded 177
DISTINCT mtDNA Haplogroups 551
DISTINCT Y-DNA Confirmed Haplogroups 891
DISTINCT Y-DNA Predicted Haplogroups 0
Family Finder 1802
Genographic 2.0 Transfers 161
Maternal Ancestor Information 1374
mtDNA 1184
mtDNA Full Sequence 738
mtDNA Plus 1042
mtDNA Subgroups 0
Paternal Ancestor Information 3505
Predicted Y-DNA Haplogroups 2174
Total Members 5391
Unpredicted Y-DNA Haplogroups 0
Unreturned Kits 46
WTY 35
Y-DNA Deep Clade (After 2008) 329
Y-DNA Deep Clade (Prior to 2008) 134
Y-DNA Subgroups 1227
Y-DNA111 1658
Y-DNA12 5309
Y-DNA25 4309
Y-DNA37 4228
Y-DNA67 3352