Irish Caribbean Y - Goals

The goals of the Irish Caribbean Y-DNA project are:
  1. to reconnect people with Irish Caribbean ancestry with their Irish Ancestral Homeland
  2. to reconnect them with distant Irish cousins
  3. to learn more about the Y-DNA genetic signature of people with Irish surnames and Caribbean ancestry (with a view to analysis and publication)
You can join this project if:
  1. you have an Irish surname
  2. AND you live in the Caribbean or can trace your ancestry back to the Caribbean
  3. AND you can provide your Irish surname line back as far as you can go (or alternatively a link to your online family tree)
If you match someone closely or exactly, then that person can be invited to join the project by the Project Administrator.

If you have an Irish surname and either live in Ireland or can trace your ancestry to Ireland, you can join the project if you have been tested yourself and are willing to sponsor a Y-DNA-37 marker test for someone from the Caribbean with the same surname as yourself. Please contact the Project Administrator for details.

To join this project, please click on "Join Request" above - the third tab in the menu across the top.