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Heustead, Heusted, Heustess, Heustis, Hewstead, Hewsted, hoosted, Huestead, Huested, Huestis, Hughstead, Hughsted, Huistead, Huisted, Huistis, Hustace, Hustad, Huste, Hustead, Husted, Hustede, Hustedt, Hustes, Hustice, Hustis, Hustus


This project began in the summer of 2005. There are many variations on the Husted and Hustis names. Many believe they are descended from Robert Husted who emigrated from England in 1635. He first settled in Massachusetts and ended up permanently in the Stamford/Greenwich Connecticut area in 1640. He died in Stamford about 1654.

Robert had three children, Angel, Ann and Robert Jr.

Angel had seven sons, Jonathan, David, Joseph, Angel Jr., Moses, John and Samuel. Two sons had no children, Jonathan and David. Joseph, Angel Jr., Moses, John and Samuel all had male children. The descendants of Angel tend to have the last name HUSTED and its variations. The name usually has a “D” or “T” sound at the end.

Ann’s children would not carry the Husted Y chromosome so their descendants are not eligible to participate in the project.

Robert Jr. had 6 sons, Robert, Moses, Samuel, John, Jonathan and David. Robert and Moses did not have children. Samuel, John, Jonathan and David all had male children. The descendants of Robert Jr. tend to have the last name HUSTIS and its variations. The name usually has an “S” or “C” sound at the end.

We hope this project will help to sort out these Husted/Hustis lines and discover new lines and other Husted/Hustis families in the United States and throughout the world.

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General Fund

Current balance: $194.00

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Credit $30.00 8/22/2009 Wil Husted     Individual
Credit $25.00 8/19/2009 Wayne Husted     Individual
Credit $25.00 7/10/2009 M. Kathleen Felsted     Individual
Debit $203.00 7/10/2009 D5915 Multi Kit Order 158516 Unknown
Credit $25.00 7/9/2009 Jesse Huestis Towards my Kit, Thanks all   Individual
Credit $25.00 7/8/2009 Ronald Husted     Unknown
Credit $25.00 7/8/2009 Gene Husted     Individual
Credit $75.00 7/8/2009 Wilfred Husted For Jesse Huestis's Y-DNA 67-marker test.   Individual
Credit $25.00 2/24/2009 Ronald Husted     Unknown
Credit $25.00 1/12/2009 Eugene Husted     Unknown
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