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Hankin, Hankins, Hanks


Patrilineal surname useage in western civilization originated with the nobility in the 11th century. It did not however come into widespread useage in multiple social classes until the 13th century.
Genetic Genealogy utilizing YDNA gives us an additional method of study which compliments the written record.

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Debit $129.00 1/6/2017     N112902 Unknown
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Credit $150.00 10/20/2015 Martha Ann Hankins Jones, Cheri Hankins Thornhill, Sharron Monroe Thomas In Memory of Hickman Owen Hankins: Myron Lavelle Hankins: Laverne Hankins Monroe   Memory Of
Debit $118.95 10/8/2015     446726 Unknown
Credit $121.95 5/6/2015 Dale Hankins Advancing our Hankins DNA efforts   Individual
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