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Forrest., Manchester, Salis, Salish, Saul, Sewell, Sol, Soldt, Sole, Soles, Solis, Solley, Solls, Sols, Soltz, Soul, Soule, Soules, Sowle, Sowles, Swole, van Soldt, van Zwoll, Zol, Zwol


The birthplace of George Soule of the Mayflower (1620) has not been definitely established. Not from lack of research, as much is in print about the descendants of this George Soule. This project is not a one-name project, but is seeking to find other current Soule/Sole(s)/Solts, etc. families in England, Northern Europe, and elsewhere.

General Fund

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Debit $50.00 12/11/2017     279645 Unknown
Credit $50.00 12/8/2017 Leslie Hope Descendant of George Soule via his son John   Individual
Debit $150.00 11/17/2017     774242 Unknown
Credit $50.00 9/28/2017 Andrea St.John Nocher In loving memory of my grandfather Russell Richardson, 7th great grandson of George Soule   Memory Of
Credit $100.00 9/28/2017 Roger Alan Walton     Individual

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