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GUNTER families have wondered if all Gunter's that came to America from Europe are related. If not, then who belongs to what family?

Gunter is not a common surname. How are we related to the GUNTER - GUNTHER - GUENTHER- GONTER -GINTER families in Europe?

This project is open to ALL Gunter families across the world with any of the various surname spellings some of which include GUNTER, GUNTHER, GUENTHER GYNTER, GINTER, GANTER, GONTER and GONNER.

We now have project participates with ancestors from Germany and France looking for DNA matches. We welcome males that carry our surnames to Y DNA test in this project across the world.

The Gunter DNA project is participating in the Family Finder autosomal DNA test.  Both males and females can take this test.  If you have a male or female Gunter ancestor in your lineage tree the Family Finder test will show you cousin matches both paternal and maternal.    You are welcome to join the project with your atDNA test.  We accept test transfers to the project. 

One of the most famous Gunter descendants Will Rogers was a popular humorist and movie star that died in 1935. His ancestor John Gunter the Indian Trader and Indian wife Ghe-go-he-li (Katherine) settled in what is now Marshall Co, AL. John and Katerine had seven children: Samuel, Edward, John Jr, Aky, Catherine, Elizabeth, and Martha. This Gunter line is group #3 (YELLOW group) on the chart in our project. Thanks to genealogy genetic DNA testing in this project we have been able to prove who belongs to this family line.

If you are a male Gunter - Gunther please DNA test with our Gunter family project. Who would you DNA match? Who is your Gunter family? Who are your cousins? Where did your Gunter ancestor orginate? Help find the answer to these questions by testing in our world-wide project.

A female Gunter who is researching her paternal Gunter -Gunther family line will need to find a living male from her paternal Gunter-Gunther lineage to Y-DNA test in the project.

We can now prove for the first time in history there is more than one GUNTER family line that came to Colonial America thanks to Y-Chromosome DNA testing!

We have  Gunter/Gunther/Gonter/Ganter/Ginter family lines in this project.

If you are researching your paternal Gunter's in America and Europe or any country please join us in this wonderful project !!

Recommend the Y-DNA 37 marker test for best results.

Thanks so much.

If you have any DNA questions please email us.
Janet Burks
Project Administrator
Teresa Burke

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