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Aerts, Baert, Bauwens, Bogaert, Bogaerts, Bosmans, Ceulemans, Christiaens, Claes, Claessens, Claeys, Cools, Coppens, Cornelis, Daems, De Backer, De Bock...), De Boo, De Bruyn, De Clercq, De Cock, de Coninck, De Greef, De Groote, De Jong, De Meyer, De Pauw, De Ridder, De Smet, De Vos, De Wilde, De Winter, De Wulf, Deboeck (De Boeck, DeLichte, Demesmaecker, Dermout, Devos, Dirckx, Exelmans, Flanders, Flemish, Flemming (Fleming), Geerts, Girardin, Goethals, Goorman, Goossens, Haesen (Haesenne), Hendrickx, Hermans, Heylen, Jacobs, Jacqmotte, Jansen, Janssens, Lambrechts, Lauwers, Lemmens, Lenearts, Lepoutre, Lievens, Luyten, Maes, Martens, Matthys, Mertens, Michiels, Moens, Nijs, Ooms, Pauwels, Peeters, Peremans, Pieters, Raes, Ryckeghem, Segers, Simons, Smet, Smets, Somers, Stevens, Stroobants, Thijs, Thys, Timmermans, Van Acker, Van Daelen, Van Damme, Van de Velde, Van den Boosche, Van den Broek, Van den Houte, Van Dingenen, Van Dyck, Van Hecke, Van Hoof, Vandenberghe, Verbeeck, Verbeke, Verbrugge, Vercammen, Verhaegen, Verhaeghe, Verhelst, Verheyen, Verhoeven, Verlinden, Vermeersch, Vermeiren, Vermeulen, Verschueren, Verstraete, Verstraeten, Vervoort, Wauters, Willems, Wouters, Wuyts


Flanders, which is located in the northern part of Belgium, is part of an artificial country created by the big powers (England, France, Austria) in 1830. Prior to its independence Belgium has for many centuries been occupied by foreign powers (Austria, Spain, France, Netherlands and by Germany during the WWI and WWII). In spite of those centuries of occupation Flemish people have retained certain attributes of creativity, innovation, culinary and artistic interests ( to name just a few) that may very well be part of their DNA.

Many Flemish people have also emmigrated to the USA, Canada, or other parts of the world. Flemish DNA can be found all over the globe.

This project creates a single place where through genetic genealogy Flemish ancestry can be studied. By bringing together DNA results from both Y-DNA (male) and mtDNA (female) genealogical lines of people whose origin is Flanders or are Flemish, we shall attempt to find the deep ancestry of Flemish people and identify the original haplotypes, haplogroups and most typical surnames.

Family Tree DNA members from around the globe can join this project to find out that they are grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Flemish heritage.

Results assembled too date can be viewed by clicking on Y- or mtDNA Result taps above.

More details can be found at http://www.FlemishDNA.com/Project/Welcome.html

Member of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) http://www.isogg.org

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